Merit Training CPD Courses

Easily get your 40 hrs per year requirement of CPD learning as a CA or CPA member. Simply purchase our CPD courses and get 15 hours of CPD to record in your logbook instantly! Plus our courses are 90% cheaper than the CAANZ store.

Our CPD Courses

Easy to watch online video courses.

15 hours of CPD per course provided.

90% cheaper than CAANZ store courses

How CPD Works:

How To Purchase Our CPD Courses:

1. Click On Purchase CPD Courses

2. Scroll down to CPD Section (e.g. CPD Tax, CPD IFRS, CPD MS Excel, CPD Audit etc.)

CPD courses pricing.PNG

3. Click Purchase. You will receive an invoice via email.

Frequently asked questions

What do i get when i purchase a CPD course?

You get a video series of around 15-20 videos (about 15 hours on average(, which you can access via our website (select the course from the drop-down > CPD > Course Name, but you will only be able to access this once you have purchased the course.

How many CPD hours is one course worth?

When you purchase our CPD course, you will have evidence of 15 hours of CPD that you can include in your CA or CPA logbook. As a CA or CPA full member, you need to record 40 hours per year of CPD hours. 10 of these hours can be technical reading (newspapers, journals, articles etc) but the remaining 30 hours per year need to be from formal courses, such as the courses we sell on our website. An example annual composition of CPD hours might be 10 hours of technical reading and purchasing 2 of our CPD courses (15 hours each), which in total equates to 40 hours for the year.

Are the CPD courses applicable for both CPA and CA members?

Yes! Both CA and CPA full members (i.e. completed their courses and are full registered members with CA or CPA) have the same annual CPD requirements, which is 40 hours of technical skills. These technical skills need to be related to their ongoing work (e.g. relearning technical skills, learning about updates such as new legislation or standards and/or learning a new skill). Therefore both CA and CPA members can purchase our CPD courses.

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