Merit quality CA notes, templates and critical files for Audit, Tax, Financial Reporting, Mgmt Accounting + Exam Prep Courses.

Product 1: Critical Files & Notes:

CA Notes

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Detailed, current, summary Merit notes by subject

Template Files (e.g. journal templates for FIN / tax rec template for TAX)

Past Final Exam Papers & Quizzes

Masterclass Notes & Other Subject Materials

Product 2:


CA Exam Prep. Courses

CA Exam Prep Course

Past Exam Walkthroughs

How To Get Full Marks In Each Question

Full CSG Walkthrough - All Topics Explained

Online Quiz Prep

Exam Preparation Advice


I bought the Tax critical file 3 weeks before my exam. I was screwed at that point but I was able to pass the module just based on the tax rec and tax bible resources alone. I wish I had more time to study now because the notes actually look really good.

Michael, Tax

The journal template in the FIN critical file saved my life. There was no way i could remember how to do all those journals myself, but the template showed me the framework and i just used this as a basis. The critical file & notes were also really well written, concise and cuts out the stuff you don't need to remember from the textbook.

Luke, FIN

4.5 45 Recommend it
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